Conversations with my mother

Trina the model
Trina the model

I took this picture of Trina when she was in high school. She was working at T.J. Maxx at the time, and they had a fashion show where Trina and others modeled some of the clothes they were selling. I’ve chosen to not include pictures of Trina in other, less flattering outfits. If memory serves correctly, Cindy also modeled something that day, but I can’t find a copy of that picture. Of course, I’m getting old and my memory isn’t what it used to be.


My mom called yesterday. She didn’t have much to say, but that’s alright. My problem, when she has a lot to say, is two-fold. 1) When I try to respond to something she says, she often just talks over me. 2) When she does let me respond I usually end up shouting because she thinks she hears better without her hearing aids. She is wrong about that.

For some reason my mom has a problem with Cindy buying a car that is red. She has mentioned the color to me two or three times since Cindy got the car. Yesterday she told me that my sister counted all of the red cars she saw on a trip from southern Indiana to the northern part of the state. As she was telling me that, I heard my sister shout, “I DID NOT!”

At that point my mom said, to my sister, something along the lines of, “I thought you told me you counted 469 red cars between…”

“No!” said my sister. I didn’t hear the rest of her sentence, but my mom mumbled something about Terre Haute.

My mom then told me that red must be the new popular color for cars. That’s the second time she has told me that. I expect to hear it many more times.

One last thing about this portion of our conversation; I don’t believe my sister would spend her time counting red cars on a road trip. She might have when she was five or six, but it has been quite a while since she was that age.

My mom moved on and asked me how Cindy was doing. I told her that she was working a lot. I mentioned that Cindy’s staff was dwindling due to layoffs, so Cindy was working extra hours trying to cover things. Mom said that Cindy would probably retire as soon as she old enough. I agreed but said that Cindy might retire from the County, but might also counsel people on her own.

Lacking her hearing aids, Mom said, “She wants a new house?”

“No, mom, I said she would probably counsel people.”

“Why does she want a new house? I thought that when Marilyn got a new house Cindy might want one too”


“I thought you liked the house you were in.”


“I was sure you told me you never wanted to move again.”

I dropped it. She is probably calling her old neighbor, Bonnie, and is telling her how Cindy first got a new car and now wants a new house. What next?

Talking to my mom is fun.

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    1. I told Cindy that if she ever catches me counting red cars on a road trip, she should feel free to have me institutionalized.

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