Birdseed raider
Birdseed raider

You probably can’t make it out in the picture, but there is a squirrel sitting on top of the bird feeder. The squirrels haven’t done that too often this year so far. It happens much more often in the winter. More about bird feeders later.


Let me clear about this. You may find me being very judgemental in this post. Yeah, I know that is nothing new, but at least I’m acknowledging it up front.

I mentioned in my last post that I often spend time observing people in various settings when I am in a waiting area. I usually only observe when I am bored, but sometimes it is forced upon me. Today was one such occurrence.

I went to the grocery store this morning to pick a couple of things I needed to cook dinner tonight. I spied a parking spot reasonably close to the door, so I went to claim it. When I got to the spot I found that I couldn’t pull in to it because the driver’s car door in the adjacent spot was open. A large woman was just sitting in the car with her door open. So, I drove on and found another spot in which to park my car.

As I was walking to the door of the store I saw the woman finally emerge from her car. My, but she was large. Then I saw the passenger door open and an older, even larger woman climbed out, followed by two young children. The children also seemed to have weight issues. As I entered the building I glanced back and saw them lumbering towards the entrance.

I grabbed a basket and headed towards the fruits and vegetables section, where I picked up a couple of things that I wanted. From there I walked to the appropriate aisle and picked up a jar of condiments that I needed for the recipe. I had one more item to get and was walking to the proper aisle when I passed the foursome.

The older, heavier woman was saying, “Blah blah f****ing blah blah f****er blah.” The children were drinking this in.

The younger, somewhat lighter of the women said, “That’s it, p**s everyone off.” They went their way, I went mine.

I finished my shopping, paid for the food and went to my car. I was surprised, when I got to my car, to see the group was already back in their vehicle. They were sitting there, car doors open, blocking people from parking next to them, eating sandwiches. Either they packed a lunch to eat as they shopped, or they went to the store and purchased food to eat in the car. Either way…


I haven’t forgotten about the bird feeders. Yesterday I was looking out of the kitchen window into the backyard. I do that often because it easy to observe birds at the feeders, and that is a satisfying pastime. As I was watching the finches that were feeding flew off for n apparent reason. I wondered about that, and then saw a cat come into the yard and sit down below the finch feeder. It just sat there, looking up at the feeder. D***ed cats, anyhow!

One thought on “Pests

  1. The fat (calling a spade a spade) ladies and their fat kids just annoy the living crap out of me. If I ever get ulcers it will be because of situations like this. And I hate “potty mouths” in public. I let an F bomb fly ever once in a while but never in public…at least not any more.

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