Red Lobster and magazines

A unique
A barn…how unique

For some reason I keep forgetting to title my posts. It was a lot easier the first year because I simply titled them Day ___ and let it go at that. This year I’m trying to come up with a new title for each post. Part of my problem is that I don’t always know what topics I will be covering in each post, so the title comes last. Often I’m so happy just to have come up with adequate text that I post before I’ve titled. Then I find myself going back to add a title after the fact. If, when you read this post, there is no title, you will know why.


Cindy and I were sitting and talking one day last week, and were discussing where we could go out to eat dinner. I mentioned that we hadn’t been to Red Lobster in a long time, so we went there. For some reason that discussion triggered a memory of our honeymoon. One of the last stops on our way home was at a red Lobster in Columbia, Missouri. It was a brand new building, it had opened only a day or so before we stopped there. On the night we were there, the weather was really bad. It was pouring down rain…inside and outside. The management, staff, and customers were discovering multiple leaks in the roof. Despite the wet atmosphere, the food was excellent.

That story reminds me of a date I went on with Judy…but you can read about that in my post Day 211.


I have mentioned before that I like to peruse magazines when I’m in a doctor’s waiting room. Our primary care provider (known in the past as our family doctor) had no magazines in the waiting area, so I am reduced to playing Sudoku on my cell phone and surreptitiously watching the other people who are waiting. That sometimes gives me subject matter for a blog post.

I recently went to see my optometrist for an eye exam, not for subject matter. While I waited I looked over the magazines in the waiting area. They fell into two groups, or rather one group and a specific title. I could choose from either a Christian magazine, orĀ People. I guess he was letting us decide between the sublime or the sleaze. I chose to play Sudoku.