What the???

Through the windshield
Through the windshield

I took this picture one day last week. There is something about driving on country roads in the summer that makes me feel good. Actually, I feel younger as well as happy. That’s a fine combination for making you feel good.


I decided to go through my idea notes for posts that I keep on my smart phone, and get rid of those that I no longer plan to use. The reason is very simple; I have no real idea what the notes mean. The notes are just a phrase or a word or name that meant something to me at the time I decided to make the note. Time passes, and so does the idea. After a while I have not an inkling as to what my thought process was. Today I’ll share some of the note with you. Perhaps you will have an idea that you can share with me, so that I can use the note in the future.

1) “Clarity of thought yet confused.” Was I thinking of me? (No clarity here) Or was I thinking about someone on television?

2) “A Fine Romance.” Yes, I know it is a song…a fine song at that…but something had to spur me to think it was worthy of mentioning in a post. I’m pretty sure I was watching something on television or a movie, but I don’t know what it would be…except that Fred Astaire was not a member of the cast.

3) “Hootenanny.” Was it the television show? Was it a memory of the hootenanny we had at our high school when I was a senior? Was I a senior that year? Does anybody use that term¬†anymore without a sneer in their voice? I dunno.


Not all of my notes are complete blanks, however. There are a few that I may still use, but the original idea has fled my memory. Here are a few examples:

1) “Lack of tolerance on Facebook.” Really? Something I saw was so egregious that I planned to compose a post about it? It boggles the mind. I would like to think that I set the bar a little higher than that. Though people reading this post may not agree.

2) “Can’t snap my fingers.” My fingers often feel too stiff to snap my fingers, but that doesn’t seem like a topic worth much time in a post. That’s probably why it has been laying fallow in my notes folder.

3) “Emmylou makes me feel old.” Well, I know that note grew out of a television appearance I saw recently when Emmylou Harris performed. She is still a very attractive woman, but she is starting to show some age in her face. For that reason watching her was making me feel old(er). I probably planned on posting a list of things that make me feel old. Perhaps that is what the “Can’t snap my fingers” fits in.

Well, I’ve cleared six items from my list. I may clear out more the next time I want to post but have nothing to share.