A day with the grandkids

Macey, our oldest granddaughter
Macey, our oldest granddaughter

The picture is of Macey, our oldest granddaughter. She is eating some of the birthday cake she baked and decorated for Maely. We were luck to see her; she came by between her two jobs. She’ll be a senior in high school this year, which doesn’t seem possible.


Maely’s birthday party wasn’t the only time I spent with the grandkids on Sunday. I went to an early movie with my grandson, Mason. It was his idea. We went to see The Wolverine. We both enjoyed it…a lot. Part of my enjoyment came from the fact that I could give him some insight into the characters, since I was around and reading comics when most of the characters came into the Marvel Universe. I was surprised that he wanted to see the movie with me rather than with his friends. He knows how to make this geezer feel good.

There won’t be any spoilers about The Wolverine in this post. I’ll just say that I enjoyed it more than the third X-Men and the first Wolverine movie. Maybe it is because, to me, it fit better into the Marvel mythology.

Since it was an early showing on Sunday, Mason and I were almost alone in the theater. The other viewers sat closer to the back, so if they talked or used their cell phones, we weren’t bothered. I was surprised that one pair left as soon as the credits started rolling. They must not have known that Marvel movies always have a teaser for future movies in the middle of the credits. Mason and I, of course, stayed long enough to watch the teaser.

Oh, and the trailer for the next Thor movie looked pretty good to me. I hope that Mason will want to go to that movie with me in November. If we go together, however, I’ll not sit in the double-wide seat because it was very uncomfortable.