Toys, rags and obedience

Cindy's new ride
Cindy’s new ride

This is a picture of Cindy leaving for work on her second day of driving her new car. I won’t tell you how much we are paying for this toy, but it is considerably more than the $18.78 (after S&H) that I paid for my new (new to me, used by someone else) toy. My toy allows me to digitize all of our VHS tapes to the hard drive of the PC. I can then edit then, cut and paste them, etc. I believe the technical term is “fiddle” with them. My toy, and the technology it represents, will probably be obsolete before we get Cindy’s SUV paid off. That’s OK. Though we haven’t had a car payment in over five years, I believe we can fit one into our budget.


My mind at work – One day last week Cindy sent me a text message that said “Remind me to take in rags.” I knew that she meant rags that could be used for cleaning at her office (they can’t afford janitorial service with their budget). But when I read her text my first response was “Rags The Tiger?”. I knew that Rags was a cartoon character whose full name was Ragland T. Tiger, but at first I wasn’t sure which cartoon show he had been on. I thought that it might be Beany And Cecil because they were always sing Ragg Mopp, nut that was wrong, of course.

No, Rags was on one of the first, if not the first, animated television shows, Crusader Rabbit. I only vaguely remember Crusader Rabbit, but I’m pretty sure that one of the creators also had a hand in bringing Rocky The Flying Squirrel to television.

I remembered to remind Cindy about the rags for work.


Cindy and I went to eat dinner at a local restaurant about a week ago. We sat on the patio so that Cindy could smoke a cigarette or three. While we were waiting for our food to be served I noticed a man, woman and dog walking across the parking lot. The dog was walking perfectly at heel on a loose leash, and the woman was walking a respectful three steps behind the man. I wonder how much training went into that walk.