A mixture of small items

Another run down stucture
Another run down structure

I’m not sure if the owner is repairing this building, or plans to tear it down and replace it. I hope it is being repaired.


I erred in my last post. I identified my favorite Ry Cooder album as Live instead of the correct title Show Time. I don’t know what I was thinking. I realized my error when I put the CD into the player in my car. I hope no one rushed out to find the album Live, because it doesn’t exist.


I’ve lost the source for this quote, but I know I heard it on television. One character, speaking of another story character, said that he would “drink anything that wasn’t toothpicks or shoes.” We probably all know, or have known, someone who fits that description.


I need to pay more attention to the auto-correct on my phone. The other day I was entering an appointment with my Optometrist, Dr. Yocum. My phone decided that I had misspelled his name, and changed it to Dr. Toxin. Sometimes I think the phone has a sense of humor, other times I think that it really isn’t all that smart.


I watched an old movie yesterday, Gold Diggers of 1933. I found myself feeling nostalgic for those times. Then I thought for a moment and realized that the movie had been made and released almost fifteen years before I was born. How do you feel nostalgic for something you have never experienced? How do you feel nostalgic for the Great Depression? I lost the nostalgic feeling as soon as reality set in.


I can’t take a selfie. I have tried, but I always look dead. I can’t keep my eyes open anticipating the flash, and I can’t smile on demand. I look like an angry dead man. The only time I come close to getting an acceptable picture is when I catch myself in a reflective surface. So, don’t expect to see a selfie in any of my posts.

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