My Monday morning


It wasn’t bad enough that somebody left their clunker siting in the parking lot, but they couldn’t even put it between the lines.


I spent between four and a half, and five hours on Monday getting some minor repair work done on Cindy’s car. I thought it would be more than minor, but…well, read on.

I drove Cindy to work Monday morning and then went on to Midas to have her brakes looked after. No appointment had been made, so I had no idea how long it would take to get the brakes looked at. There was good news and there was bad news. The good news was that they could check the brakes that morning. The bad news was that two of the three mechanics hadn’t come in yet, so it was going to be awhile before anyone could look at the car.

A second mechanic came in at 9. Surprisingly, the manager gave the mechanic his choice of which of the three cars, that were waiting, to work on. I was lucky that he chose to look at Cindy’s car. I sat and waited.

I looked at the selection of old magazines they had for their customers. Most of them were Guns & Ammo and Road & Track. There was one back issue of Good Housekeeping that caught my attention. I like looking at the recipes. But in a small room with nothing but other men, I chose to not pick it up.

I decided to use my phone to check on email, Facebook and Twitter rather than watch the TV. Every time before that I had waited at Midas, they had Fox News on the TV. I didn’t want my blood pressure to jump, so I ignored it. But then, from the TV, I heard the phrase “horse catheter,” and I knew that Fox News probably wasn’t being watched, unless the folks on Fox and Friends were being particularly frisky in their judgements about the White House. I looked up and saw that Animal Planet was on the screen. There must be new management at Midas.

I sat a bit more. An attractive young woman came in with two young girls trailing behind her. She was there to get the struts on her SUV replaced. The two girls said that they wanted to go for a walk. “Where?” asked the mother. Why, they wanted to walk to McDonald’s, which was across one busy street and a few parking lots. “No,” snapped the mother, who then walked over and sat beside a young man who was reading Guns & Ammo. She sat there for a few minutes, but then abruptly stood up and said to the girls, “We’re waiting outside.” I wondered what the young man might have murmured to her, or if he had forgotten to shower that morning.

One of the girls asked, “Are we going to sit on the curb?” and the mother responded, “Where else?” As they were walking out of the door I heard one of the girls ask again if they could walk to McDonald’s. I didn’t hear the answer, but I’m guessing she said no because they sat down on the curb.

After waiting for about an hour, the manager asked me to follow him into the service area. I anticipated having to take a second mortgage to pay for the brake repairs, but I was pleasantly surprised. He told me that the brakes didn’t really need any work at that time, however, if Cindy wanted to get rid of vibration when she braked, they could replace the rotors, but then that could lead to new pads. He then quoted a figure. I said I would call Cindy and ask what she wanted, and I did so. No brake work today she said, but could they change the oil? I asked, they could, and they did. It meant sitting a while longer, but there was an end in sight.

After leaving Midas, I drove up the street to Tire Barn to get two new tires on her car. Tire Barn has always been quick and efficient, so I had no qualms. No qualms until the man who I dealt with told me that it would take about an hour to put two new tires on the car. So I waited.

Nothing particularly interesting happened while I waited, with he exception of  one of the clerks flirting with every young woman who came into the store. Some were flattered, one was not. She chose to sit on the curb outside. I double checked to make sure it wasn’t the same woman who had been at Midas. It wasn’t.

There are only two more things to say about my trip to Tire barn. 1) They have the most comfortable chairs in a waiting area that I have ever sat in, and I’ve sat in a number over the years. 2) It took an hour to get the car in for the tire change, and then another forty-five minutes to make the change. The balancing must have been tricky.

That was my Monday morning, how was yours?

One thought on “My Monday morning

  1. My least favorite chore; auto repair. I know enough about car engines to recognize most parts but not if these parts are working correctly. I always feel like I am being abused due to my stupidity.

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