Apology & Flo Update

Out to pasture
Out to pasture

I took this picture two or three weeks ago, but I haven’t been able to use it until now. Read on to find out why.


Let me start by apologizing for not posting anything for so long. I wanted to post, and planned to post at least three times since the start of the month, but we have been having computer problems. It is a long story, but I’ll boil it down to a few sentences.

I noticed that our firewall was not doing its intended job, so I was chary about going onto the Internet. I spent a couple of days copying all of our data files to flash drives rather than take a chance on losing it all. Then from Safe Mode I did a System Restore to am date a month earlier. That worked.


Other things have happened that I would rather relate to you, but most of the people who live around Lafayette prefer to read about Flo or my mother. So I’m getting this out of the way so that I can tell you other things that are more to my liking…though many people will find them boring.

There are just a couple of things relating to Flo. The first happened, oh three weeks ago I think; and it grew from a phone call that I got from Cindy. She called me from her office around noon one day and asked me to take a small electric fan to Flo’s room at the nursing home. Flo was having trouble breathing and had called Cindy because she was scared. They decided that a small fan might help, so I was asked to drive to Mulberry to deliver it. I said sure, but that I wanted to finish my lunch first. I wolfed down my sandwich (the minor heartburn came later), grabbed the fan, and set off to Mulberry.

When I got to the nursing home I went directly to Flo’s room to deliver the fan. The room was dark and the curtain was drawn around her bed. I was half afraid that I had arrived too late. I went to talk to the nurse. I told her that I had brought the fan, but didn’t want to disturb Flo if she was having problems. I told the nurse that Cindy had told me that Flo was having trouble breathing.

The nurse said that, yes, Flo had been having trouble breathing, but then they discovered that she had turned her oxygen off. Once they turned it back on she was fine. She was taking a nap, and they would be happy to give her the fan we she woke up. I left and went home.

The second update comes from this Saturday. Cindy had a surprise birthday party for Jill. Cindy picked up Flo and her friend Peggy and brought them to the party. For most of the party I was in a different room than Flo and Peggy, interacting with other guests.

At a certain point in the afternoon, as I surmised it would, Cindy asked me to drive Flo and Peggy home. She looked at me and said, “Well, I picked them up and brought them here.” I responded that she had invited them, but it wasn’t a convincing argument to her point of view.

So we loaded Flo into the car and set off for Mulberry. Let me say that silence is not an art that had been mastered by either Flo or Peggy, but luckily they kept each other entertained while I ignored them. At one point, however, when we were passing the SIA plant, Flo nudged my arm and said, “I forgot to bring my cupcakes. But I guess I don’t need them.” I thought that it was good that she didn’t need them, because I wasn’t about to turn around and go back for them.

After that it was smooth sailing and we delivered Flo to her room in the nursing home. On the way to Peggy’s apartment she chattered on and I nodded occasionally and muttered things like, “Uh huh.” and “Hmm.” and “Really?” you know, minimal encouragers. As we were driving down 350 South towards her apartment we passed an area where wild flowers had been planted. Every 5 or 6 car lengths or so there was sign declaring that they were wildflowers and they were not to be cut. Of course Peggy said, “They need to get somebody out here to cut down those weeds.”

I responded, “Hmm.”

So now you have been updated, and my next two or three posts will be about things you may find boring.

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