Climate controlled cars and developed photos

Foggy Shore
Foggy Shore

I took this picture many years ago on the shore of Lake Michigan (I think) in the northern part of the lower peninsula. I used my 35mm Minolta camera. I like the picture because it turned out despite the fog. I haven’t yet been able to get a good shot of a foggy day with my digital camera.


When I posted about DAWWDVU the other day, I made a mistake that is becoming more common with me. I forgot to check my notes before I published. You see, I will think of something that I want in the post, and I’ll put a note on my phone, or on a slip of paper. If I am in┬ábed when it occurs to me, it often goes onto paper because my phone is charging on the other side of the bedroom. The notes on paper sometimes get lost or misplaced. That happened the other day.

In the DAWWDVU post I mentioned people in their climate controlled cars. That’s OK; I use the AC and the heater when temperatures become uncomfortable. I believe, however, that my comfort zone must be larger than that of most people, because I normally drive with the windows down in the summer, and the heat on low in the winter. I remember when I bought my first car with AC, my 1974 Firebird. I bought it in the summer, but didn’t use the AC for a couple of months because it made me feel decadent. I eventually got past that feeling and started arriving at destinations without drenched armpits.

But, that isn’t what my hand scrawled note was about. My note, which I came across last night, simply says, “Climate controlled cars and developed photos.” In my mind I made a link between the facts that people no longer buy vehicles that don’t have AC, and that people no longer buy cameras that use film.

I miss buying rolls of Kodachrome film for my 35mm Minolta camera. I was never a great photographer, but I was able to get shots with that camera that I will never be able to match with my Nikon digital camera. Granted, having built-in zoom capability beats changing lenses on the Minolta, but the zoom doesn’t really make up for the feeling that I have that I was able to get clearer shots with my 35 mm. Plus, kids won’t know what Paul Simon is singing about.

OK. That’s me being slightly Cranky Old Guy.