More catching up

Beautiful country morning
Beautiful country morning

I went for a drive this morning to get a few pictures that I can use in the blog posts. I took a number of shots on my traditional themes, such as windmills, barns and graveyards. More pictures from this morning will be appearing in days to come.


I’ve been reading, off and on, Traitor to His Class: The Privileged Live and radical Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt by H. W. Brand for a while now. It is not taking so long because it is not interesting; it is very interesting. I just seem to let other things get in the way of my reading time. I need to work on that. In the book I came across a quote from Hugh Johnson, who was the head of the National Recovery Administration. I haven’t quite figured out what the quote means, but I love the phrasing. He said, “It will be red fire first and dead cats afterwards.” I’ve googled the quote, but haven’t come up with anything. My guess is that Mr. Johnson was talking about the people who opposed New Deal policies, but that is a guess on my part. Still, it is a lovely turn of a phrase.


Statistics show that more people read the Classical Gasbag when I post about my mother, or Cindy’s mother. They believe that my reflections on those encounters are humorous. Perhaps they are, but I’m not sure that anyone reading those posts, who haven’t met the respective mothers, find them as humorous as people who do know those ladies. I’m sure that some of my friends would rather I told stories about the mothers rather than my reflections on obscure music or books or television shows they have never watched.

This morning Cindy even invited me to spend time with her mother and some friends on Saturday morning so that I could gather material for a post. It felt like she was pimping me out so that I could compose to meet her friends craving for a laugh. Sorry, but I’m more likely to stay home and watch some episodes of old TV shows on DVDs. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again right mow, “When it comes to my blog, it’s all about me.” I admit to being self-centered.

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