Hobby or Obsession?

Breakfast on the deck
Breakfast on the deck

This was my breakfast today; one slice of wheat bread, my morning pills (one is white and hard to see on that saucer, and a cup of coffee. It was my fourth cup of coffee, with two more to follow. Nutritious, eh? I tend to eat better in the winter. I suppose I’m more willing to spend time in the kitchen in cold weather, than when it is nice outside.


When does a want turn into a need? I started thinking about this recently when I realized that I was trying to find space for more books, more CDs, and more DVDs. How many versions do I need of Dave Brubeck and all of his various groups playing Take Five? I have eight versions on vinyl, CD and downloaded albums as well as a version on DVD. Oh, and I’m strongly considering another album. The good thing about jazz is that a group never plays a song the same way twice, so each version is a new experience. Still, nine or ten versions of the same song?

Do I need to keep buying music? I’m not asking just about Brubeck albums, but all music. I never seem to get tired of listening to music, old and new. While much of what I listen to is from the past, 30 years or more, I also listen to people and groups who are new (to me). Just recently I downloaded albums by Beth Orton and Sass Jordan because I heard their versions of covers on the TV show Defiance. Orton did a fine version of Ooh Child, and I love Jordan’s take on Have You Ever Seen The Rain. I like Sass Jordan enough that I will likely download more of her albums. But do I need to own more music? I don’t know. It makes it easier when I can store digital versions on MP3 players and flash drives. I even have some music stored on the cloud, though I kind of distrust storing music on something I can’t hold in my hand. I’m a fuddy-duddy about some things.

What about books? I own and use a Kindle (thanks again, Lee and Michelle), but I also keep buying real books as opposed to virtual books. There is something about the way a book feels in my hands when I’m reading. It’s a feeling that I haven’t been able to reproduce with my Kindle. The texture of the cover and of the pages is reassuring to me, though I don’t know why. The storage problem with books is greater than with music. I know intellectually that there are many books in my collection that I will never read again, but parting with them is difficult.

DVDs? I have hundreds of DVDs that hold movies, concerts, television shows and documentaries. Do I need them? Probably not, but I do watch them on a regular basis. With them I can replay portions of my past. I watch movies that I first saw when I was in high school and college, television shows that are so old that they were broadcast in black-and-white, and concerts that I wish I had seen in person. I spend large chunks of time on weekends watching DVDs.

Hobby or obsession? Probably a little of both.

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