Cousin Bill & grandson - 6-1-2013
Cousin Bill & grandson – 6-1-2013

I took this picture last Saturday. I’m not sure whether I should say that it is my cousin Bill with his newest grandson, or with his most recent grandson. If I use the word newest, it sounds to me that he bought the grandson. But, then, the term most recent sounds oddly cold. There is probably a grammatical rule for the proper usage, but I’m darned if I know what it is. If anyone wants to pull out their Strunk & White (I almost used Funk & Wagnalls) to enlighten me, I would be grateful.

I was able to take this picture because we were at my Aunt Irene’s 94th birthday celebration in Indianapolis. My mom, who will be 94 in October wanted to go and spend time with Aunt Irene and her granddaughters Karen and Robin.  Every time they have one of these celebrations we are told it may be the last time they will see each other. Perhaps. At any rate, I also wanted to see Aunt Irene, so we went.

On the way down to Indy we ran into a little rain. It was nothing spectacular, I only had to use the lowest intermittent setting on the windshield wipers. Mom didn’t take it as sedately as I did. She told me that this rain was just like the way it had poured down when my sister and brother-in-law had brought her to our house the day before. My mother tends to exaggerate about some things, or perhaps her eyesight is so bad that it always seems like rain is pouring down.

Once we arrived at the house we were ushered into a small room that I would classify as a sitting room. There we were joined by Aunt Irene, a friend of Karen’s, two dogs and two cats. We were told there was another cat in the house, but it had the good sense (never thought I would use that phrase concerning a cat) to stay out of sight. One of the cats that we saw was larger than one of the dogs, and looked like it could take out the other dog with ease. We spent a little while sitting and talking while the large cat clawed the upholstery of the love seat.

As other people arrived it became obvious that the room we were in was not going to hold many more people…the cats took up a lot of space…so we moved into the living room. That was better. It was kind of fun watching my mom and my aunt try to talk to each other. They are both very hard of hearing. Aunt Irene would ask my mom a question, and if mom saw her lips move she would say, “Huh? or What?” At that point I would repeat Aunt Irene’s question loudly. Mom would respond and Aunt Irene would say, “What?” Then a neighbor of Aunt Irene’s would loudly repeat what mom said. It was as if they were speaking two different languages and brought us as interpreters. I felt like I belonged in the United Nations.

We ate good food, enjoyed the company, and then mom got tired and wanted to leave. We got back in good time so that mom could watch Cindy’s poker game while I watched a movie. we had a good time.

Oh, and I titled this post backtracking because I posted a more recent event yesterday.

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