Happy Anniversary to us

A peaceful scene
A peaceful scene

I took this picture northeast of Battleground. I was so quiet there, and I liked it a lot.


Cindy and I have been married 23 years today. It doesn’t seem that long…most days. Today we started out at the hospital, where Flo has been taken. She has been in a lot of pain (her greatest pain ever), for the past couple of days. When we got to her room she told us that she wasn’t in as much pain because she had a black button she could push for more medicine. That made her happy. After asking the nurses to roll her onto her side, and then onto her other side, she decided that she needed to press the black button again, but during her moves it was no longer within her grasp. One of the nurses told her that she would have to wait a while before pushing the button again.

I left to drive to Flo’s nursing home to get her cell phone and charger. It was a nice drive, I was able to listen to music.

When I got to the nursing home, the only person at the nursing station was a young Chinese nurse who was readying the medications to give to the residents. When she finally turned to look at me I told her that I needed to get Flo’s cell phone and charger. She smiled at me and said, “我不知道你在說什麼,圓圓的眼睛。我也不關心。走開,斑點疣子的兒子!” At least that’s what it sounded like. I went into Flo’s room, did some cursory searching, and found the items I wanted.

OK, part of that is a fib. The nurse actually spoke English, after a fashion, and said, “Don’t know where phone is. You go look. I have nurse aide help if you need.”  The other version just sounded cooler.

When I got back to the hospital, Cindy was sitting in the recliner. Jill arrived with cookies and a drink for Cindy. I settled in the settee built-in under the window. When Cindy got tired of my under-my-breath commentary on her conversation with Flo, she and Jill went for a walk, leaving me with Flo. I didn’t mind, Flo had so much pain medication in her system that she was pretty much out of it.

A few minutes later, a young nurse roused Flo enough to take her temperature and check her other vitals. Flo asked her to give her the black button, but the nurse told her that she had to wait a while longer. “It takes so long,” Flo whined. But then Flo settled back into her torpor.

We’re home now. Cindy and Jill are getting caught up on Revenge while I tend to my blog. If they are still at it when I finish this post, I’ll start a draft for tomorrow.

Happy Anniversary to us!