Cindy: Post Surgery

Not a common sight
Not a common sight

In the days of electrical and gas appliances, you don’t often see laundry hanging on a line. I believe that if I lived in the country I would hang my laundry out during good weather, but would have appliances as backups in the winter, or when it rained. Of course, if you have a basement in your home, you can hang it and let it dry down there in bad weather.


Cindy had a bunion removed yesterday. For good measure the surgeon removed a bone spur as well. Today she is on the couch (our couch, not one belonging to a therapist), foot propped up, sleeping through the Today show coverage of the tornado devastation in Oklahoma. The pain pills do knock her out when she isn’t drinking coffee. Note to self: stop giving her coffee.

I knew the pain she is feeling would be a problem when she kept asking the nurse in the recovery area what she could take between doses of the strong stuff. Alas, there was nothing that the doctor would authorize; no aspirin, no ibuprofen, no nothing. So, she is toughing it out between the doses every four hours of controlled substances. Poor kid.


Trina brought over a walker that had belonged to her Grandma Betty, for Cindy to use. It is a fancy one with wheels; with a shelf where a person can load stuff up to push (or to sit on); it has hand brakes; and I can’t get the darned thing unfolded so that Cindy can use it. I think it must have been designed by a Purdue grad, because it seems useless to me. As far as I’m concerned, it would be easier to sling Cindy over my shoulder and tote her around, than to try unfold this walker. Still, it was sweet of Trina to bring it over.

Well, that’s what is happening here. Hope you are having a good day.

4 thoughts on “Cindy: Post Surgery

    1. You are right, of course. Cindy came out of her drugged stupor long enough to tell me how to unfold it.

  1. We are in the car and Steve is attempting to drive and he about went off the road…laughing so hard. I was laughing so hard i could hardly read it to him. You should of been a comedian.

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