A Little This and A Little That

Will they sprout?
Will they sprout?

This is cute. It looks like Cindy and her friends are trying to save money by growing their own cigarettes. I hate to tell them, but I don’t think the butts will take root. But, then, I didn’t get my education at Purdue. So what do I know about agriculture?


I was watching one of the Midsomer Murders a few days ago, and there in the opening credits was the name Nicholas Grace. Nicholas Grace played the Sheriff of Nottingham in the TV series Robin of Sherwood. I had seen this MM before and I didn’t remember seeing him in it. So, before I got too far into the murder and bodies began to drop, I whipped out my smart phone and searched for the cast credits. Well, there he was, playing Hugo somebody, so I watched to get a good look at him. When he came on the screen I knew why I didn’t recognize him; his voice had changed. It was lower and, while not raspy, wasn’t as clear as it was in the series. Once I took a good look at him I saw that he looked the same around his eyes. When I listened I recognized the speech patterns, but the sound of his voice had definitely changed. I wonder if people who knew me in the 70’s, but who hadn’t seen me recently, would recognize me?


I have been listening to a lot of Peter, Paul & Mary recently. I think I have felt compelled to listen because, first, the weather recently has reminded me of what it was like in Bloomington the first time I saw them. They were playing at a political rally. Second, it struck me yesterday that they were, primarily, an optimistic group. With few exceptions, the songs they sang gave us a view of the world where no matter how bad things might be, we could survive and make a better life. That came to me while listening to Weave Me The Sunshine, one of my favorite songs by the. If you don’t know the song, here is a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVuX22LO2Hg. It isn’t my favorite version, but it is good.

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