Outrage & Disappointment

Cindy, Mason & Trina - Mother's Day 2013
Cindy, Mason & Trina – Mother’s Day 2013

Here are Cindy and Trina bookending Mason this past Sunday. I am amazed every time I see him standing beside people who were taller than him just a year or so ago. At least that’s how long it seems to me.


I’ve held off on commenting on the triple scandal plaguing the White House until I’ve had time to think about the separate issues. I’m not sure I’m ready, but siting silently isn’t making me feel any better.

First, let me state that I’m not sure that the Benghazi issue rises to the level of scandal. Perhaps it does, but the members of Congress who are beating the drums just want to talk about and investigate talking points. To me, that just seems like they are trying to stock up on political fodder for 2016. It seems that everything does center around elections.

The IRS issue is much more important. Here we have a government entity that has been using its power to harass organizations. That is wrong, and if it isn’t illegal, it should be. I may not believe that the harassed organizations deserve tax exempt status, but that is a decision that should grow out of reviewing their application; the review shouldn’t depend on the name of the organization. I think the American people deserve to know who had the idea to harass, and who authorized the harassment. If that leads to the White House, so be it.

The Associated Press issue is also important. This seems to be a clear case of the Justice Department going on a fishing expedition in murky waters. If they had no better, clearer idea where they should be targeting their search, they should have backed off. Again, it is important to find out how far up this scandal reaches.

Let me also say that I keep hearing political “pundits” saying that it is important that the start president firing people as a means of damage control. That is exactly the wrong thing to do. It must be clear who instigated these issues and who approved them, and then get rid of guilty parties. Having seen this type of thing happen in State government, I know that rushing things usually leads to the firing of lower level people and the protection of those higher up. That is the wrong signal to send.


Here are two of my favorite Tweets from the last couple of days:

From Jeff Greenfield: Boy, this would be a GREAT time for Trump to expose Obama’s real birth certificate….

James Ledbetter: This would never have happened if the AP had guns.