One-year anniversary

Beautiful house back in the trees
Beautiful house back in the trees

I almost drove past this house yesterday because I couldn’t see much of it due to the trees. It is located on a gravel road southwest of Lafayette. I think it is a classy place in a beautiful location.


Hearkening back to yesterday’s post, you may have noticed that I did not list owning any flip-flops (you may call them shower shoes or things, though when I called them thongs when speaking to my grandson Mason, he thought I was talking about something else entirely and gave me a surprised look). I can’t wear flip-flops anymore…at least I can’t wear one on my left foot.

Today marks the first anniversary of me becoming a nine-toed sloth; as in deadly sin type of sloth, not a tree hanger. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, or have forgotten, you can get caught up by reading my posts Day 105 through Day 108, though Day 106 deals specifically with one year ago. I’m glad I made those posts, because otherwise the memories would start fading and eventually be minimal. I’m sure that if I went back and read them today I would find things that I have already forgotten. That’s the way my memory works.


Yesterday afternoon I got a call from Dr. Deutsch’s office. He is the doctor that performed my colonoscopy. The call was to tell me that the biopsies came back negative. That means I don’t have celiac disease. That’s good. I didn’t want to add gluten-free to my diet choices.

When I looked through the paperwork I was given post-endoscopy, I saw that one of the recommendations was that I have another colonoscopy in ten years. I’m pretty sure that by the time I’m 75 I’ll be too crabby to go through it again. I was going to use the work cranky, but I’m already a crank, so crabby is probably a better fit for the future.

2 thoughts on “One-year anniversary

  1. 75! OMG Norm….where did the years go? I guess we better live the next 10 up. I want to travel more, but if we are in the car to long I can hardly move when I get out.

    1. Time does fly. I was listening to Simon & Garfunkel the other day and Old Friends started to play.There is a line in the song about sitting on a park bench at 70. They are both 71 now, so I don’t feel quite so old.

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