This picture fits my mood
This picture fits my mood

When I took my short walk the other day, the following songs played on my MP3 player. First was Peter, Paul & Mary singing Long Chain One. This song set the right pace for me. Next was Arlo Guthrie’s Mapleview (20%) Rag. I tried to stride on every second or third note. Then came another song at just the right tempo, The Doors’ Love Her Madly. Finally there was a slower tempo that I followed to sashay up the driveway, Brewer & Shipley’s Song From Platte River. It was a good, though short, walk. I think I need to start adding more distance. Perhaps I’ll add a cul-de-sac tomorrow.


I had a strange dream a few nights ago. I’ve related in the past that I seldom remember any of my dreams, so it when I do remember them I tend to share them. In the dream I was in rustic bar/restaurant. The location reminded me of the place in the movie Roadhouse. I got a call from someone (I’m not sure who it was) and they told me that I had to leave immediately because of some emergency. As I was leaving the establishment I glanced back at my table and saw that I had left my shoes sitting in the floor under the table. I don’t remember removing my shoes, and I didn’t go back for them. I left the place barefooted. And then I woke up.

As I spent time the next day reflecting on the dream, and what it might mean, I started thinking about shoes. When I was single, and for a long time after I got married, I seldom owned more than three pairs of shoes at any one time. I usually owned two pair of dress shoes for work, one black pair and one brown pair. I would also own a pair of sneakers for evenings and weekends. My needs are few.

Now I own black and brown dress shoes, two or three pairs of sneaks, two pair of sandals, and one pair of Hush Puppies. When did I stray into the land of Buy-Because-It-Feels-Good? I know I bought my most recent pair of sneakers because I liked the way they looked, not because I needed them. I don’t need them. I take some solace in the fact that I feel guilty every time I wear them. I wear then a lot.