Colonoscopy result (I know you want to know)

Cindy and Trina, 2001
Cindy and Trina, November 1991

I took this picture when we were still living on Eastland. It was taken long before Cindy and I had any grandchildren. The original photo is in color, but I’ve grayscaled some of them just to see how they would look. This isn’t bad.


I thought about scanning and using the photos from my colonoscopy, but I didn’t take the pictures; my innards were the model. There were no polyps or lesions in my large intestine, but since I have been vitamin B12 deficient lately, the doctor decided to worm his way into the small intestine to take a some biopsies. He thinks I may have celiac disease. I think he is probably wrong. I know that I hope he is wrong because if he is right I will be moving to a high fiber-low carb-gluten free diet. I shudder to think of what that might be like. I should know about the biopsy results in a week or so.

The doctor was running late Friday morning. In fact when he went to talk to the woman who was in line before me, Cindy and I could hear her ask him if had been out saving lives or playing golf. It was too wet to play golf, so I’m guessing he was saving lives.

The colonoscopy itself was painless. The anesthetic was so good I don’t remember the doctor entering the room. As far as I know, he could have delegated the job to a nurse…or maybe a janitor.


Cindy and I took Flo to see a heart specialist in Indianapolis on April 26th (I know I’m late posting about it). We took Flo’s friend, Peggy, along as well. We wanted to find out if Flo was eligible for a new, experimental, surgery. We found out that she wasn’t eligible for the test we were checking on, but that she might be eligible for an expanded study (more on that in a bit).

I had thought that this trip might yield a lot of fodder for blog posts, but now that I’m getting around to it, I only have two notes that I can decipher. 1) While we were in the waiting area at the doctor’s office, Flo noticed the fairly standard institutional tile flooring. She thought it was pretty and wanted something like it. Since she is living in a nursing home I doubt that she will be getting that particular tile pattern soon. Peggy said she liked it but wouldn’t have it because she would have to keep it shiny.

2) On the way home Cindy started to tell Peggy about this blog. Peggy didn’t know what a blog was so Cindy started to explain the concept to her. Peggy said that when people get old they go back to doing things like they were a kid again. I wasn’t sure if I should be more upset over what she said, or that she said it while I was there in the car with them.