It started with an Absorbine commercial

A farm photo
A farm photo

Darn! I originally made this post without adding a photo. I realized it immediately after I hit the publish button. Here is a photo, not my best, but at least I have one. Is that slightly OCD on my part?


I was watching Morning Joe this morning and an ad came on for Absorbine. I remembered Absorbine Jr. commercials from earlier years, so I wondered if Absorbine had grown up and shed the Jr., or if, rather, it was Junior’s dad who had come out of retirement. I decided I should Google that question. It has led me down a somewhat twisty path to the destination I had planned this post to be about before I saw the commercial. I hope that sentence made sense.

I went to the Wikipedia entry on the company that makes the product. It seems that the original Absorbine was/is horse liniment. Te farmers who used the product liked the result on the horses that they started using it on their own aches. The company saw this new market and repackaged the product as Absorbine Jr. for use by humans.

I am still confused, because the ads on the Internet are still calling the human product Absorbin Jr., not just Absorbine. Perhaps not everything on the Internet and on Wikipedia changes oh so quickly. Anyway, this change in name made me think of the time when Carter’s Little Liver Pills dropped the word Liver from the product name. I decided to check out the pills in Wikipedia. I didn’t get past the first paragraph where I read that the main ingredient is bisacodyl.

Wait a minute! I’ve seen that name…recently…where? Then I remembered, that bisacodyl is the main ingredient in Dulcolax. Why, you may be asking, would I know about the ingredients in Dulcolax? Am I literally, not just virtually, full of s**t? No, I am not. I know this about the ingredients because tomorrow I am getting a colonoscopy, and part of the preparation is taking four Dulcolax tablets. Believe me I looked at the package before I bought it.

Oh, don’t worry about me. I’m only getting the colonoscopy because I’m fifteen years overdue, not because there are any symptoms that caused me to worry.

I have to tell you that I am worried about the Dulcolax more than I am about drinking vile mixtures, which is also part of the prep. I once took one half of a Dulcolax tablet and ended up sitting in the bathroom for the biggest part of a day and a half. I can’t imagine what choking down four tablets at one go will do to my digestive tract. I’ve given some thought to sleeping nude in the bathtub tonight.

So, I had planned on just posting about the prep for the colonoscopy, but a TV commercial about Absorbine led me to information about Carter’s Pills which took me back to Dulcolax and ultimately the colonoscopy.