Wherein I expound on employer/employee relationships

Out for a stroll
Out for a stroll

I took this picture a couple of days ago, during our short break from the rain. The rain is bad enough, flooding and all, but today I went out and found that there was snow mixed with the rain. Even I am ready for spring to stick around for a while. The leaves have popped out on the trees, the daffodils and grape hyacinth and tulips have bloomed, and our grass needs cut. So…snow?


We had a couple of fortune cookies left over from when we ordered Chinese the other night. Cindy doesn’t like them…the cookies, not the fortunes. I ate one of them as a snack yesterday. The fortune was, “You will soon discover your hidden talent.” It must be well hidden, because I’m sixty-five and haven’t discovered it yet. I hope it is something exciting.


Do you get tired of people on television, political, talk shows saying that we have to do things that are good for business because those things are good for the country in general? I do. While I am not anti-business, I do believe that business is only part of the equation. I’m not sure that business is even half of the equation. Consider: As I see it, today’s corporations are merely jumped up merchants who are in business to make a profit. Too often, they believe that one way to stretch profits is to employ labor at the least cost to themselves, whether that is in wages or benefits. That is a short-sighted approach because benefits such as health care, or vacations, benefit both employees and employers. In the long run, an employee who is healthy and rested mentally from a vacation is going to be more productive. If they have another benefit, a retirement plan, they are more likely to stay with an employer, saving the employer costs in training new workers.

I would posit that what is good for the employee is good for the employer in the long run. Government needs to be looking out for the worker more than for the business. At least that’s the way I look at it.

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