Round Barn in Fulton County

Round Barn in Fulton County

Cindy and I went for a long drive yesterday. It was sunny and in the seventies. It was a beautiful day for a drive. The only bad news was that the museum we were going to visit was closed. I am sure that one day we will return to the round barn and museum when it is open to the public.

I once read that round barns were built so that the devil couldn’t back you into a corner in the barn. I like that story, but it isn’t mentioned in the Wikipedia entry for round barns.


Here is something I don’t understand: people who post pictures of food from someone’s website, or of food they are about to eat. I suppose that if I had prepared the food and that I thought it looked appealing I might be tempted to take a picture and post it on Facebook. On the other hand, Facebook and other social media sites that we frequent are what we want them to be. I suppose that is the reason I spend so much time hiding the content that other people post. I have a sneaking suspicion that they hide a lot of the things that I post as well. Still…I wonder about other people. Am I the only sane person here?

I almost gave in to temptation the other day when I came close to posting a link to a segment of Rachel Maddow’s program to my Facebook page. I have been doing better about not posting links to TV commentary disguised as news. I will still post articles from newspapers and magazines, inflammatory as they may be, but people need to practice their reading skills, so I do it as a public service.  I am all heart…and mind…I used to be all private parts, but now it is heart…and mind.

Well. I’ve put down enough words today. Have a happy.