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Kara & Kathryn 2008
Kara & Kathryn 2008

I took this picture in 2008. These two young women are a couple of my favorite friends. The sad thing is that I seldom see either of them anymore. Kara is now married and has a young son. Kathryn lives and works a distance from here. I miss them both.


As I sit here at the keyboard, hunting and pecking out words, sentences and paragraphs I’m listening to Sam Bush through my headphones. I’ve been listening to him over the years since I first heard a New Grass Revival song on an album of performances from a Telluride festival. I was drawn to the album by the cover art and a need to listen to something new. I recently started following Sam on Twitter in hopes of a notification that he would be playing in the area. No such luck yet. This morning I went to the Internet Archives Digital Library and downloaded his performance at the 2012 Merlefest. That’s what I’m listening to right now. I know I’ll be going back to that site and downloading more performances.

It’s interesting how listening to one performer can lead you to others. I bought the original that original Telluride album because there were cuts on it by Doc & Merle Watson as well as Norman Blake. That album led me to The New Grass Revival, Hot Rize, and Peter Rowan. From the New Grass Revival I started listening to Sam Bush and Bela Fleck. Hot Rize caused me to start listening to Tim O’Brien. And then there was Peter Rowan who made me look back and find an album by Old & In The Way which led me to David Grisman and Vassar Clements.

Jerry Garcia was also a member of the Old & In The Way, so there was a connection to The Grateful Dead. I’ve never been a huge fan of The Dead, but if you are, there is huge catalog of downloadable concerts on Internet Archives Digital Library. The URL for that site is:

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