Pretty Music

Joe McCormick, August 1962
Joe McCormick, August 1962

This is another picture that I took at Region 7 Canoe Base in Wisconsin. Joe McCormick was my best friend in high school, but we drifted apart shortly after I went to school at IU. When he couldn’t get into the military because of ruptured ear drums he left Rolling Prairie and moved out of state. I believe he tried to enlist a few times in other locations, but could never pass the physical. He moved back to Indiana but by the time I finished school and had served my time in the army, we never reconnected.


I chose another song for my farewell CD. That’s the one I’m planning for when I die. Don’t worry, that will be far in the future. It’s just that you sometimes have to plan ahead. Actually, I doubt if many people will still be using CDs by the time I kick off. I need to have something in a number of formats for that eventuality. I’ll probably also have pictures and videos in the final product.

The song I added today is Along The Road by Doc & Merle Watson. It is a Dan Fogelberg song, and I also like his version, but the Doc & Merle version is the first I remember hearing. If you don’t want to wait until I’m gone, you can hear it at this URL:

I’ve been choosing songs for that final CD for a number of years. I usually give it thought after attending a funeral or showing where there is music playing. I decided early on that I would choose the music and have it ready for presentation. My problem is that never think to right down my imagined play list, so I seldom have more than a few songs in mind.

Other songs that I know I want are Sea Borne Clouds by The Time Ware Group which can be heard at: I also want Ashokan Farewell written by Jay Unger…here’s a link to that song: The last song that I remember being on my list is The City Is Crying by the Dave Brubeck Quartet; you can hear it here:

Now that I’ve listened to all of theses songs again today, I realize that I need more that have lyrics. These songs will stay, but I need to start looking through my music collection for other music.