Region 7 and James Moody

From stern to bow: Bob Russell, Bob McLeland, and Tom Wheatbrook
From stern to bow: Bob Russell, Bob McLeland, and Tom Wheatbrook

I took this photo in August of 1962 with a Kodak Fiesta camera at Region 7 Canoe Base in Wisconsin. It was one of the two trips our Explorer Scout Post took to Region 7. My memory was telling me that I took the picture with an Instamatic, but they weren’t on the market until 1963, so it must have been a Fiesta. The only reason I know who the people are in the canoe is because I made good notes on the back of the photo.


In my post on March 23 I mentioned and album by James Moody titled Hey! It’s James Moody. I said at the time that the album had the effect of making me feel a sense of emptiness, or words to that effect. I downloaded the album from an few days ago and listened to it for the first time in forty-nine years. The first cut on the album (I’m not sure I should use the term cut since it was an MP3) is Stella By Starlight. That was the only song on the album that I remembered by title. It is a little more up-tempo than I remembered, but it is still my favorite tune on the album. However, there was no feeling of emptiness  as I listened. The same was true upon hearing the next song, and the next, and the next. I started wondering if that feeling of emptiness was caused by the sonic qualities of the vinyl disk that I originally owned. By the time I got to the last song, Tali, I decided that I had been wrong about the feeling. But when I listened to Tali I knew where that feeling had come from. For some reason I had identified the empty feeling to the entire album, not just the one song.

It is strange, and somewhat wonderful, that one song can have such a large impact that it stretches over decades.