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Another sign that spring is here
Another sign that spring is here

I took this picture yesterday morning. These are out first flowers of the year. It’s just one more sign that spring is here. Yesterday was also the first time in quite a while that there was a male cardinal feeding in the back yard. We usually have them here in the winter, but I didn’t see any this past year. I’m glad they are here.


Marlon was my companion again last night. I stayed up watching TV late last night, hoping that he would fall asleep before I went to bed. It didn’t happen. I went upstairs, followed by Marlon. He wandered around, looking for Cindy while I got into bed around 11 p.m. and turned on The Daily Show. Marlon came into the room and decided to lay down on the floor next to the bed. That was OK with me.

I watched Jon Stewart and then The Colbert Report while Marlon appeared to crash. He wasn’t trying to get me to pet him. Those who have been around him know that it is difficult to be in the same room with him without having him try to get you to pet him. So I assumed he was falling asleep. When I was finished watching I turned off the TV and the bedside light. At that point Marlon stood up and jumped on the bed. He laid down beside me, but was very restless. It was like he was trying to edge me off the side of the bed. I considered sleeping on the floor and letting him have the bed, but I was pretty sure he would follow me to the floor.

I was starting to doze off around 1 a.m. when I felt him stand up in bed, straddle my legs, and start barking at something I could not see nor hear. After barking for about 30 seconds, I couldn’t get him to stop, he jumped off of the bed and went prowling around the upstairs again. After about ten minutes he came back, jumped back on the bed, and settled in beside me again.

Sleep didn’t come easy for me. It was a restless night, I kept waking up every half hour or so, and I could feel Marlon moving around in the bed. I finally gave up and got up around 5:30 this morning. We went downstairs and I let him out into the back yard while I got a cup of coffee and turned on Morning Joe. I let him back in and set back down to watch. Marlon went into the living room, curled up in my chair and fell fast asleep. He slept so soundly that he didn’t even notice when I opened the refrigerator door to get the butter out for my toast. That is not like him.

I only hope I can get a bit more sleep tonight.