It must be spring

The ducks are back
The ducks are back

Ducks seem to like our pool, even when the cover is still on it. I took a picture of them last year, though it was later in the spring, on April 20. I noticed them today when I was letting Marlon back in from making a deposit in our back yard. The wonderful pooch never acknowledged that they were there. He is a wonderful watchdog.


I can tell it is spring without walking outside in shirt sleeves. First, as you can see, the ducks are back in the pool. They have been showing up for a few years now. They enjoy the pool before we open it. We usually see them for a short while before they continue north. At least that’s where I surmise they go. Looking at that picture I can see that I’ll need to waterproof the deck again soon.

A second reason I can tell it is spring is because I wish I was back on campus. In the spring I always seem to miss the academic life. That is surprising because I wasn’t very fond of academics when I was in school. It’s kind of like nostalgia for a life I never really experienced. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed college life, but I was never one who delved deeply into any one subject. I’m more the person who knows a little bit about a lot of things, but I’m not an expert on anything.

Reason number three is that I’m ready for a road trip. It doesn’t have to be long trip. Right now I would settle for a day trip somewhere. In fact, yesterday I started thinking about driving up to Rolling Prairie, my home town. I haven’t been there for five years or so. This morning I was thinking about how I would like to go there and take some pictures around town as reminders of when I lived there. I may get around to making that trip in a few weeks. If I do, I know I’ll post some of the photos here.

I hope your Easter/Passover/Opening Day has been a good one.

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