It was a long night

Wish I could get under this door
Wish I could get under this door

Marlon wanted to go into the bathroom with Cindy while she was showering yesterday morning. He couldn’t get in, but it looks like he wanted to squeeze under the door. She eventually finished and he had a few minutes of quality time with her before she left.


People who know me probably think that this post’s title references IU’s loss to Syracuse last night. That is only partially correct. Read on, and you’ll understand.

If you watched the game you know that it was a late game. It started between 9:45 and 10 p.m. locally. I was watching in the family room, and Marlon was wandering back and forth between the living room, through the kitchen, and into the family room, and then back again. He made the trip every time he thought he heard something in the garage, hoping it was Cindy. I tried to tell him that she was at the gambling boat with friends, but he didn’t understand me. I was getting tired, so at half-time I let him out for the final time, around 11 p.m. When I let him back in he went through the downstairs looking for Cindy, didn’t find her, and then curled up in my easy chair in the living room. He isn’t interested in basketball. I went upstairs to watch the end of the game while he dozed in my chair.

The game ended with a bad outcome, IU lost, around midnight. I read a short chapter in The Underground Man by Ross MacDonald, turned out the light, and went to sleep. The sleep lasted for about an hour when I wakened by Marlon’s nails clicking on the hardwood floor in the hallway. He came into the bedroom, walked around checking it out, and jumped up on the bed to settle in. He decided that the best place to sleep was in a spot between my feet and the side of the bed. I shifted my feet to accommodate his comfort and tried to go back to sleep.

Let me interrupt my tale to state that I don’t know why I let him sleep on the bed. I don’t like animals that sleep with people. I don’t understand why people want animals in bed with them. I once dated a woman who…well, that’s a story for another post. Anyway, let us mark it down to me being too tired to move him off the bed.

The experience of having Marlon on the bed last night was a lot like the first time you sleep with another person. You don’t want to move around too much, or make noises (I snore and occasionally pass gas), because you don’t want to disturb their rest. And you might want to be invited back, or invite them back. Anyway, I found myself lying in an uncomfortable position, thinking about the similarities of sleeping with someone new, and, of course, that led me to remembering some of those experiences. It took me about half an hour to start falling asleep again.

I take a medication twice a day. That medication has a side effect of sometimes causing diarrhea. Last night, around two in the morning, that side effect kicked in. I found myself trying to get out of bed without rousing Marlon. I found myself doing that a number of times as the night went on. After the first time Marlon changed his position on the bed so that he was no longer between me and the bathroom, and he slept through my subsequent trips…for the most part.

Around four this morning, feeling drained, I was able to start drifting off into slumberland. That’s when I heard a slurp, slurp, slurp. It was Marlon, licking himself. What the heck. I fell asleep anyway.

I woke up again at 5:30, like I used to before I retired, and made a final trip to the bathroom. When I came out, Marlon was there acting very frisky. I knew he wanted to go outside, so I slipped on some clothes and slippers and took him down and out into the back yard. I went back in, got a cup of coffee, and turned on Morning Joe. When I let Marlon back in, he went around the house looking for Cindy, and then went back to my chair in the living room where he promptly fell asleep.

It was a long night.