Marlon and words

Marlon enjoying his evening
Marlon enjoying his evening

Marlon was so excited to come for a visit that is was napping within an hour of being dropped off. He loves my chair. When he is awake he can sit in it and watch out the window for other dogs. He barks at them as they are being walked by their owners, all from the comfort of my chair. Who says cocker spaniels aren’t smart?


I was watching the NRA’s latest TV ad. I don’t recall the exact words; I wasn’t paying much attention because I knew I wouldn’t agree with the content; but I caught the use of the word scheme. Like most of the attack ads you see during political campaigns, scheme is a word used to connote a bad idea; usually used in conjunction with the adjective risky. I guess that makes some sense because we tend to use scheme rather than plan when we want to imply something sneaky or ill-conceived.


Many of the male celebrities these days seem to have a perpetual two days of stubble on their faces. First, how do they keep it that way? Second, why would they go to the trouble of keeping that way instead of either shaving or letting it grow out into a full beard?

I wonder if a partial reason is so that they will look like a “bad boy,” you know, the kind that women find attractive. That’s speculation on my part, because I honestly don’t have a clue. It doesn’t work for me. If I don’t shave for a few days, I just look grizzled. I guess that’s just another aspect of growing older. An even further aspect is that I don’t really care that I look grizzled unless we have something special planned.

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