Swim meets and some speculation

At the swim meet
At the swim meet

I took this picture last week at the Montgomery County Swim Tournament. Mason’s team was in the tourney, and he did a very good job. Of course I’m proud of him. But that isn’t why I took this picture. I was interested in the people who were wearing costumes at the side of the pool. At first I had no idea why they were dressed that way. Trina told me that she thought they were there to show support for one of the teams, and that made sense. Then I realized that they were adults, not students. That gave me pause. I suppose a teacher, or teachers, could get away with the fancy dress; but I wonder if they might be parents, or alumni. That would be something else; and I find it somewhat scary. Well, society changes. I can remember being surprised when parents started dressing their children in basketball uniforms as a style statement rather than to show the kids were on a team. Now, if you look in the crowd at a basketball game, many of the students are dressed in uniforms. I don’t get it.


Well, Senator Harry Reid has decided to not bring the assault weapon ban bill to the floor of the Senate for a vote. He said that there would not be enough votes in favor to override a filibuster. So? What is his point? Does the issue not warrant a debate of the full Senate?

Here’s my speculation: I think Senator Reid wants to give cover to Senators who don’t want to have a voting record on the issue. Senators know that a majority of the citizens favor a ban, but that the gun lobby (the NRA and lobbyists who have money for reelection campaigns) are not in favor. If there is a recorded vote, one party or the other will make an issue of it in their next reelection. The Senators don’t want to give anyone a reason to vote for someone who is new to the Senate, so no vote at all. That’s my conspiracy theory.