Things I learned from Maely

At 228 Eastland Drive, Lafayette, IN, March 1991
At 228 Eastland Drive, Lafayette, IN, March 1991

I took this photo of an ice-covered tree in front of the money pit we used to live in on Eastland Drive, back in March of 1991. We had an ice storm that knocked out the power to our house for about three days, closed the office I worked in for ¬†a couple of days, and also snapped off a major limb from this tree. I remember the storm’s aftermath pretty well. Cindy and I sent the kids to stay with a relative¬†while we roughed it in the house. We hung blankets in the open doorways and heated part of the house with the gas range. We bought gallons of water so we could, sparingly, flush the toilets. And we slept on the floor in the family room where we could have a fire in the fireplace. It was the middle of the night when the power came back on. Their were lights on in almost every room; the television was on; the cd player started playing a Kingston Trio cd, and I’m sure there were other things that came on that I don’t remember. By the time we got most of it turned off, the power went out again. But it came back on again sometime before morning.


I drove our granddaughter Maely and her friend Shelby back to Linden late this morning. JR wanted Maely to be home by 11:30 to get a dose of medicine that they had forgotten to bring when they dropped her off. Listening to the girls as they talked in the backseat was enlightening.

Maely and Shelby stated that they were best friends forever. Maely wanted to expand that group to include more girls, but Shelby was hesitant…I think Shelby might have been jealous.

They agreed that two boys that they knew (who shall remain nameless) were losers, cheaters, and hot. I guess seven-year old girls aren’t too young to go for the bad boys.

Maely spent some time telling Shelby what she can expect when she gets pregnant. I guess you’re never too young to know that information.

Finally, Maely asked me if Grandma Cindy and I were married. The question surprised me, but I simply told her that we have been married for 23 years. Maely said, “Oh. I thought you were just dating.”

Well, I got the girls home at the proper time, but I don’t know if Maely got her medicine on time because everyone in the house was asleep. I left it to her to wake up her parents.