If only I had known

Maely & Cindy, 2/25/2006
Maely & Cindy, 2/25/2006

This is one of my favorite pictures. It shows the happiness of both Maely and Cindy. Maely is seven now, and will be spending the night here.  She isn’t as easily entertained these days, but she can still be fun to be around. It just takes more effort.


I started going through one of my old footlockers yesterday. I keep a lot of old posters and prints that I’ve bought over the years, starting when I was in college. As I was looking at them I decided that I was willing to give most of them away if anyone wanted them. As I looked at one of Adrienne Barbeau dressed in a violet…uhhh…something or other that looks like lingerie, I thought that my grandson, Mason, who is a young teenager might like it. Then I thought that he would not know who Adrienne Barbeau was, and that he would think she was too old. Still, I should let him look through the posters.

I came across another poster that I forgot that I had. It is a blacklight poster from the late sixties. I probably bought it while I was in the army in Germany. The illustration is of an unclad woman in a field of flowers along with a prominent peace symbol. There is a quote that reads, “The burden of life is love.” I’m pretty sure Mason would like this poster a lot. Like most of my posters, I had thumbtacked it to a wall, so it has puncture marks in the four corners. That’s a pity, because when I looked the poster up on the Internet, it was selling for more than $200. If only I had known.


The current discussion about violence in movies and on television reminds me that my parents did not want me to watch The Untouchables with Robert Stack when I was growing up. They thought that violence was a bad influence. They may have been right, because it may have made me more tolerant of violence in the media. I’m not tolerant when it comes to violence in real life, but in the media I can usually accept it. It’s true, however, that there is more violence in the media now, and it is more graphic. I have stopped watching TV shows like Criminal Minds because I don’t want to watch serial killers every work. It’s just too much for me. On the other hand, I love the Midsomer Murders where there are usually multiple homicides in each episode. I guess the British do it better.

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