A Long Day

Geese in Columbian Park
Geese in Columbian Park

I took this picture a few years ago on a hot September day. I know it was September because we were at the park celebrating the birthday of a little girl. I know it was hot because I remember wanting to stay in the shelter rather than going out in the sun. Another reason for not venturing out from the shelter was because it was difficult to step anywhere where the geese hadn’t fertilized the grass.


 It occurs to me that even though many federal government employees are going to be furloughed one day per week without pay, they will still be working more days per week than a member of Congress. Their typical work week runs from Tuesday through Thursday. I know they claim to go home to take care of constituent services, but I also know they have staff to take care of a majority of those services. They spend most of their time at home campaigning and fund-raising. I wonder if Congressional salaries will be effected by the sequestration of funds?


I saw crawling across the bottom of my TV screen a headline that said that a landmass that was once between India and Madagascar is now on the bottom of the Indian Ocean. That kind of makes sense to me since what was is no more, so where could it go but down? Follow?


It has been a long day; longer for Cindy than for me. It started for Cindy by going in to work, and then meeting me at a funeral. From there we had an early lunch and then went to visit Flo, Cindy’s mother, at the nursing home. Flo has had a couple of rough days, and we ended up having an ambulance take her to the hospital. We spent a couple of hours in the emergency room while they ran tests and decided to admit Flo. As of now they think her problem is primarily that her congestive heart disease if getting worse. We were in the ER so long that Cindy missed a second funeral she had planned on attending. We left the ER and I came home, but Cindy went on to help facilitate an eating disorder group. She hasn’t come home yet, so she is either back at the hospital or helping a good friend clean house. Relaxation is not Cindy’s middle name.

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