Some TV remains relevant

Gone but not forgotten
Gone but not forgotten

This image was on the wall of the back of the building that houses Cindy’s office. It appears to have been done with a stencil, but I haven’t seen it anywhere else. I’m glad I took this picture, because this image was removed and the wall was painted over a year or so back.


One of the reasons I watch DVDs of The West Wing is because the story lines still seem relevant. The episode I watched Saturday morning, War Crimes, was originally broadcast in 2001. Yet the episode dealt with gun violence, the twenty-four hour news cycle causing a lot of “crap” to be on cable, as well as the possible elimination of the penny. The title comes from the part of the show that dealt with U.S. soldiers possibly being taken before a world court for war crimes. As much as we might like to think that the world has changed a lot since 2001, all of those topics, especially the first and the third, have been in the news recently. The other two topics are often discussed in magazine articles, or long newspaper articles. The disheartening thing is that there has been no progress on any of these issues. Well, except for the fact that there have been more violent gun deaths since then. If anything, weapons are easier to get, and they have more fire power.


As much as I complain about our Congress, at least Silvio Berlusconi isn’t on any ballot in the U.S. We have enough clowns of our own.


Legislators in Indiana are attempting to pass am law requiring some people who receive Aid For Dependent Children, a.k.a. Welfare, to pass a drug test in order to receive benefits. It wouldn’t be everyone, certainly not the dependent children,  just those who take a written test and show a propensity to take drugs. I don’t know who will administer that pre-test, or what the validity and reliability are for it, or even if it has been chosen yet. I do know that Florida passed a similar law in 2011, tested 4,086 people and found only 2.6 percent tested positive, costing the state more to conduct the tests than was saved by denying benefits. That probably won’t matter to Indiana legislators.

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