Spelling Bee

One of the relifs hanging in Sunnyside Middle School
One of the reliefs hanging in Sunnyside Middle School

There are a number of similar reliefs hanging in the school, but I don’t know anything about them, so I guess I need to do some research. They all have similar historic themes. I took this picture yesterday when I was at the school attending the Lafayette Adult Resource Academy’s (LARA) annual Spelling Bee for Literacy.

I enjoy going to the Bee every year, though I’ve missed a few. It wasn’t as much fun when I worked for LARA, because I was always saddled with a job that I had to concentrate on, rather than concentrating on the Bee itself. This year’s bee was a little different from previous years, in that LARA has a new director, and there were subtle differences.

For one thing, there was a new pronouncer who did a good job of pronouncing, but lacked the warmth of some of the previous pronouncers. Maybe if he does it again he won’t make it look like a job, but rather, a pleasure. There seemed to be fewer teams with young people, and that’s a pity because the young kids bring an air of excitement and fun when the participate.

That isn’t to say that there was a total lack of children, because at least two of the teams had children with adults, and it was obvious that the kids were the better spellers in those teams. One of those teams had an adult who, if he had worn glasses, would have looked like Michael Moore. It was unfortunate that his team was knocked out when he was spelling the word, because it was painful to watch him struggle with the word.

Students from Purdue once again fielded teams in the Bee, and they are fun to watch. There was a team of young women (Volleyball Team?), there were members of the football team, there was the team of gay men from one of the fraternities, and there was another team of men who seemed to be in it for the sheer joy of participating. I think that last team was also made up of athletes, but I’m not positive.

It was a good Bee again this year. Now I’m looking forward to next year.

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