Fountain at the library in Auburn, IN
Fountain at the library in Auburn, IN

I took this picture the last time I was in Auburn. It was at least five years ago, maybe longer. I spent a few days driving around on my own, going back to some places I hadn’t seen in quite a while. I used to live in Auburn. That’s been more than twenty-five years ago. The library was within walking distance of my apartment. It is about time that I went back for another visit. Maybe I’ll do that in the spring.


I was watching the movie Murder At the Baskervilles on Saturday. It is a Sherlock Holmes movie starring Arthur Wontner. This was a pre-Basil Rathbone movie about Holmes. What really drew my attention to the credits was the fact that Doctor Watson was played by Ian Fleming. That surprised me because the actor didn’t look like the Fleming who wrote the James Bond novels, and whose picture was on the back cover of some of the paperbacks I bought back in the ’60s. Of course te actor was a different Ian Fleming. The actor was famous long before the first Bond book was published. Ian Fleming the actor lived a longer life than Ian Fleming the author. The actor was born twenty years before the author and died almost five years after the author.

While I enjoyed Fleming’s portrayal of Watson, I will always consider Nigel Bruce my favorite Watson. I have enjouyed other actors in that role. I especially like Martin Freeman in the BBC television show, Sherlock. But, as I said, Nigel Bruce is my favorite. That’s probably because he was the first I remember seeing.


Here’s some good news, Mississippi finally ratified the 13th ammendment to the Constitution of the United States. That’s the ammendment that abolished slavery. Their State Legislature actually ratified the ammendment in 1995, but they didn’t file the ratification with the National Archives. Evidently someone in Mississippi checked on it after watching the movie Lincoln. See, mo

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