My first time

Moose at Yellowstone National Park, August 1961
Moose at Yellowstone National Park, August 1961

Yes, I know they aren’t easy to see, but trust me, there are three moose in this picture. It was one of the first pictures I remember taking. I was quite proud of it. Using a magnifying glass, the moose are actually pretty distinct. That summer I was just a month away from being a freshman in high school.


I did something for the first time this weekend. I unfriended two people on Facebook. I finally got tired of the vitriol that some people are showing to our president. I have other friends, real friends, who don’t like the president, and occasionally post sloganeered “Like if…” things, and I give them a pass because a) they are friends who are reasonable about most things, and b) they don’t do it constantly. The people I unfriended this weekend aren’t real friends, just acquaintances. One has ben passing on posts saying, in effect, that the president breaks the law every time he does something, and the other person passes on posts that imply that anyone who doesn’t agree with them about the president will go to hell. Both of those views are pretty extreme, and I don’t need to let them run up my blood pressure. I did this for me.

Along with these actions, I have tried to cut back on my political posts. I used to post links on Facebook that led to videos from The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, but I’ve stopped doing that because they don’t change anybody’s minds, and may even alienate some people. Why bother?

In our home, when I was growing up, the terms “front room” and “living room” were used interchangeably. That may not be true for everyone in my generation. Yesterday I mentioned the front room when talking to Cindy, and she reacted as if she had never heard the term. When I said living room, she understood. Perhaps she just didn’t hear me the first time. I need to check that out.

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