Not much to say

Look! It's snowing
Look! It’s snowing

I took this on the way home from my podiatrist appointment. The feet are fine, by the way. It went from a light snowfall to a nice flurry in the space of a few minutes. The ground is now covered. Gosh, I love this weather.


Here’s a cheerful headline from Google News: There is No Way to Stop Space Rocks From Hurtling to Earth and Killing You. I think they decided to skip succinct and go straight to frightening. They could have gone with the more lyrical “Abandon hope, all ye…”  but that might have driven away some readers, especially the ones who get all of their news from the headlines.


Well, it is a short post today because I don’t have anything that seems important to say. Also, I want to take a nap. So I guess I will.