Beautiful women and Sinatra

Trina & Cindy, Rolling Prairie, December, 1993
Trina & Cindy, Rolling Prairie, December, 1993

I almost posted another picture from Colorado today, but while thumbing through a picture album (real, not virtual) I came across this picture of my two favorite women, Trina and Cindy. We were visiting my parents in Rolling Prairie, probably for Christmas when I took this photo. Since today is Valentine’s Day it seemed appropriate to use this picture.


I was watching a DVD of Frank Sinatra’s third A Man And His Music television shows this morning. That’s the one with Ella Fitzgerald and Antonio Carlos Jobim. I have to admit that I bought the DVD to heat Sinatra and Jobim, not Fitzgerald. I have never been a big Fitzgerald fan. Watching it was almost painful when they got to the segment when Sinatra and Fitzgerald were commenting on, and singing songs that “the kids today were grooving to”,or words to that effect. It was especially bad when Ella started sing Ode To Billy Joe and Frank was sitting there trying to smile as if he were enjoying it. Maybe he was. Maybe he was enjoying a man in a tux and woman in an evening gown doing a wry put-down of the song. Anyway, after that song they redeemed themselves by doing a great version of Goin’ Out Of My Head.

Then it was time for Sinatra and Jobim to do a medley. I like to two artists individually, but I didn’t think they would sound good together. I was wrong. Sinatra slipped into his relaxed mode and the duets were magical. Wow. I’m glad I found the DVD package on sale because I would have hesitated buying it otherwise due to my preconceived notions. Paying full price would have been worth it.

How did I miss seeing this show when it originally aired? Let’s see I was in college then. Back in those days the only TV available to me was in the dorm lounge. My guess is that I would have been one of only a few people who would want to watch the show. Usually when you walked into the lounge you would see a ball game of some type, or Batman, or Star Trek. Not that I watched much TV while there. We usually spent our evenings playing cards or studying. Those were good days.