Blizzard memories

Texas?, 2000
Texas?, 2000

I’m pretty sure that I took this picture when we were visiting Chris at her condo at South Padre Island in Texas. I know it was in 2000, because it says so on the disc we had made when the film was developed. I didn’t take a lot of pictures from that trip because there wasn’t much in that area that interested me. Flat land along with hot, very humid weather is not my cup of tea.


I realized this morning that I had left out one of the ingredients in the chicken salad recipe yesterday. I’ve edited then post and added 2 cups of lettuce, chopped. I don’t know how much of a difference it will make, but I like that addition.


Someone on television mentioned the blizzard of ’78 yesterday, and that reminded me that I haven’t had a cigarette in thirty-five years. I smoked last cigarette before I was able to dig out from the blizzard.

I had gone home early from work th day the blizzard struck. I was sick, went home, and collapsed into my bed. When I woke up I was snowbound with only a half pack of cigarettes. Since I was a two-pack-a-day smoker at that time, I ran out pretty quickly. I was too sick to even begin trying to dig out. About an hour after I emptied my pack, I started scrounging around the apartment, looking for something to smoke. I went through every pocket of every shirt, jacket, and coat that was in my closet. The only thing that I found was a cigar that someone had given to me to celebrate the birth of a child. I couldn’t remember how long the cigar had been in my coat, but when I unwrapped it and bit into the end, it turned to dust in my mouth. That wasn’t a pleasant experience.

It was another two days before I had regained enough strength to dig my way out of my apartment (I rented the upstairs of an older home), and clear a path to the street so that I could walk to a mom-and-pop grocery a few blocks away. By the time I had accomplished that, I decided that I would see how long I could go without a smoke. So far it has been thirty-five years.

I can truthfully say that I haven’t missed cigarettes in that time, though I used to occasionally crave a cigar after a good meal. Even cigars no longer tempt me, and they haven’t for at least twenty years. See. It can be done.

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