Day 366


Such a peaceful scene. You can tell that it isn’t a bright day here, but it is warm, in the 50’s, and the cattle seem at ease.


I started this blog, Classical Gasbag, a year ago. While I wasn’t able to post words and a picture every day as I planned (thank a trip to the hospital, another to Minnesota, and computer problems) I did backfill the days that I originally missed. Those are the posts that are titled Day ___ – updated. If you missed any of those days, and really care, you can go back and find them. I noticed yesterday, however, that some days seem to be missing photos, and I’m not sure why. Over the next few days I plan to go through everything and try to add the appropriate photos that have disappeared. Wish me luck.

With the end of the first year, I plan to take a few days off from posting. I need a break. The past month or two I’ve had a more difficult time coming up with words for each post, so I’m hoping that a few days away will help get me back on track.

There are two changes that I will be making to the blog when I return. 1) I’m not committing to post something every day; and 2) some of the photos I use will be ones that I’ve taken over the years. I won’t use other people’s photos, but I may use Paint Shop Pro or other software to play around with my own.


One thing I plan on doing over the next few days is to do more reading. I have one bookcase filled with books that I have either not started, or started and put down. Among the biography/autobiographies on one shelf are Timebends: A Life by Arthur Miller, Thelonius Monk: The Life and Times of an American Original by Robin D.G. Kelley, Conspirator: Lenin in Exile by Helen Rappaport, Julius Caesar by Philip Freeman, Society’s Child: My Autobiography by Janis Ian, Galileo by J.L. Heilbron, and On A Grander Scale: The Outstanding Life and Tumultuous Times of Sir Christopher Wren by Lisa Jardine. The title of that last book deserves a shelf of its own. I’m sure I also have volume 1 of Mark Twain’s autobiography to finish, as well as shorter biographies of Elizabeth the first, James Madison, and Winston Churchill. I also have a number of mystery, thriller, history, and fantasy books to read. Plus I have about a dozen unread books on my Kindle.

Despite all of the reading, I plan on being back at my keyboard in a few days. Thanks for reading my words so far, I hope you’ll pick up again when I return.

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