Day 362

We got a little snow today
We got a little snow today

I had three versions of this picture to choose from. This one is at full zoom on my electronic camera. I have another at about half zoom, and the third is with no zoom. I like all three of them; each for a different reason. I chose this one, however, because of the keyhole entry to the porch area. It wasn’t easy to see that detail in the other two shots.


There were a few interesting items in the headlines that crawl across the bottom of the television screen (I call them scrawls) this morning on MSNBC. I know that most of my friends don’t watch that network; they are more Fox & Friends fans, so I decided to do some quick and dirty research into the items.

1) Fat-shaming may curb obesity, bioethicist says – In other words, make people feel bad about their weight. The bioethicist who made the suggestion says that he quit smoking because people shamed him into it. I’m not sure how self-aware he is, and other professionals seem to agree with my outlook. Deb Burgard, a psychologist who works with people who have eating disorders said, “He must not have any contact with actual free-range fat people.” Those people must be the ones you find at fat farms.

2) National Chicken Council says there is no chicken wing shortage Boy, that’s a relief. Evidently The New York Post and ABC News had stories about fewer wings being available this year due to the drought. Be of good cheer, each chicken has two wings, and there will be enough available for the Super Bowl. Foghorn Leghorn may not rest as easy as you can.

3) Lying becomes automatic with practice There was a study done in China where they taught students to lie, and found that it was easy to do. I am not surprised by these findings. Of course I’m assuming that the students all want to immigrate to the US and go into politics. They would fit right in.

There it is, all of the news that is important enough to crawl along the bottom of your TV screen.