Day 361

Another great farm house
Another great farm house

It has been in the low 20’s most of the daylight hours. But that’s OK because it has been clear, not gloomy. I would like snow, but I can wait. I’m sure we’ll get more before the winter is over.


I almost put Cindy into a cleaning frenzy last night. Trust me, that is not a pretty sight. She asked me if I smelled a strong odor. I told her that earlier I had burned a cone of incense, and that was the only thing that I could smell at that time. She said, “No,” what she was smelling was more like urine. I showed her some of the unburned cones, she sniffed them and announced that maybe that was what was offending her olfactory sense. I like the aroma, I think it’s called Wildberry, and I’ve burned it before, but now I guess I’ll only use it when she is out of town for training, or similar situations.


I saw a news story today that is confusing to me. Scientists have found a way to encode MP3 files, .pdf files, and .txt files onto DNA. At first I thought, “Great. So what?” And then I read further and saw that a great deal of information can be stored on a small amount of DNA, and that the storage would last longer, by centuries, than anything we are using now. Still, I wonder about the practicality of using DNA. I guess it would depend on what you were storing, and why. Maybe a science fiction author can give us more insight into the uses of this process.


For what it’s worth, and it isn’t worth much, I noticed this morning that when I pour a cup of coffee, I tilt my head towards my left shoulder. I wonder how long I’ve been doing that? My best guess is that I’ve gradually developed the habit in order to better judge when I’m approaching a full cup. Since I lost some of the sight in the middle of my left eye, I probably tilt my head so that I can better use the peripheral vision. That’s my insight for today.

2 thoughts on “Day 361

  1. Your blog is the first thing I read daily and you often make my day. Today was a great example and I will forever be checking for which way my head is tilted when I pour my morning coffee.

    1. You probably never would have thought about your head tilt if it hadn’t been for me. It may be a few days before you’re able to forget it.

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