Day 359

Another clear blue sky day
Another blue sky day

I don’t see many houses painted that shade of green. I think the green against the blue looks really nice. But  I have to ask again, “Why are all of the curtains and blinds closed?” I don’t understand it. ***I started my musical day listening to Geoff Muldaur’s The Secret Handshake album, and once again being thankful that I came across one of his albums in a cut-out bin many years ago. I wouldn’t have bought the album if I weren’t a Maria Muldaur fan. Yes, it was the name that drew me in, and I’m glad that it did. From there I moved back in time and started to also buy Jim Kweskin and The Jug Band albums (Maria and Geoff were both members of The Jug Band), forward to Jim Kweskin solo albums, Amos Garrett albums because he accompanied both Maria and Geoff on their albums, and more recently the Texas Sheiks album. That’s one way that my selection in music grows. I started browsing through a group of MP3 albums on Amazon today, each were $2.99 per album. I bought and downloaded a 75th Birthday Limited Edition album of Luciano Pavarotti that has one hundred songs on it, so I’ve been listening to Pavarotti for most of the day. Of course, while I drove to and from the library, to return a couple of Janis Joplin cds that I had borrowed, I was listening to Jerry Jeff Walker’s Bein’ Free album. It isn’t one of my favorites by Jerry Jeff, but it does have some very good early songs by him. I love variety.