Day 357

Been trying to get this all year
Been trying to get this all year

I was out buying donuts and finally was able to get this picture, after wanting to shoot it most of this year. Those from this area probably recognize Tate & Lyle South in Lafayette. Luckily the discharge is drifting away from the part of town in which we live.


I was watching one of the Jesse Stone movies last night. The library has them all. Anyway, at a point in the movie Jesse puts on a vinyl record album of classical piano music. I didn’t recognize the piece, but the consensus on the Internet was that it was written by Brahms. I liked the little I heard. It made me think of the first classical album of piano music that I bought when I was in the army. I know I’ve mentioned that I made a conscious decision to start listening to jazz when I started college; I made a similar decision about classical music when I went into the army. Anyway, I started out by listening to orchestral works by Beethoven and Berlioz. When I found that I liked those albums I decided to be a bit more adventuresome and bought an album by Artur Rubinstein.

I wish I could remember which album it was, but my memory is failing me tonight. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t one of his Chopin albums, I came to them a little later. However, I decided that Rubinstein was a pianist well worth listening to. Over the years I’ve spent many hours sitting quietly, listening to his albums, first on vinyl and now on cd. Unlike Jesse Stone, I don’t drink scotch when I listen to classical music. It was not uncommon for me to sip a bourbon and water, or a brandy while listening, but those days are past. Now, unless it is morning, I’m sipping water without the bourbon. It’s healthier for me.

I think it’s time to put on a Rubinstein cd…Chopin waltzes will work for me tonight.

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