Day 356

Found this on a new road for me
Found this on a new road for me

Making a decision a which picture to use today was difficult. I drove further today than I normally do. I could have driven farther, just to show that I can do it either way…but this is already getting out of hand, so let me move on.

I drove a lot because this has been a Peter, Paul & Mary day. Let me explain. We own the DVD of Peter, Paul & Mary’s PBS concert form 1986. It is my favorite televised concert. I ripped the soundtrack from the DVD the other day, broke the MP3 up into separate songs, and burned a cd of the concert. I had to drop one song because of the timing, but the cd turned out fine. I was playing it in the car when I went out this morning, and I was enjoying it so much that I kept driving around on county roads so I could enjoy the music and the scenery. I ended up on a some roads that I don’t remember driving on before.

There are some very moving songs on the concert DVD, and now on the cd. When it got to Light One Candle, I had to pull over to listen. I know that the song was written for Hanukkah, but the words are relevant for every day. I started thinking about how upset I have been lately with the things I see and hear from strangers and friends about current events. Listening to the words being sung I realized that I had to let go of what I had been feeling:

Light one candle for the strength that we need
To never become our own foe;
Light one candle for those who are suff’ring
A pain they learned so long ago;
Light one candle for all we believe in,
That anger not tear us apart;
And light one candle to bind us together
With peace as the song in our heart!

So, I was out driving around, listening and singing along with P,P&M, enjoying the 40+ degree weather, developing a case of spring fever, and feeling better about my outlook on life. When I got home, Cindy and did a few chores and then sat down to watch the DVD Peter, Paul & Mary – Carry It On – A Musical Legacy. Wow. It’s the first time either of us had seen it. As the documentary went on I found myself becoming emotional, and wishing that we could see them in concert again, but of course that isn’t going to happen. I’m glad we have the DVD and all of the cd’s we’ve bought or created over the years. Next week we plan to¬†watch the Joan Baez documentary How Sweet The Sound. It’s been a good day.