Day 355

A fixer-upper
A fixer-upper

It would take more than a coat of paint to bring this building up to snuff. I almost drove past this building before I noticed it. I stopped as soon as I could because I knew I wanted a photo of the place. You can tel from the sky that it was another beautiful day.


I’m in a good mood today, so don’t expect anything cranky from me. Maybe it was the B12 injection that kept me cheerful. Maybe it was the fact that I pretty much avoided reading or watching anything about the gun control issue today. Maybe it was something else…I don’t know.

I spent so little time waiting in the doctor’s office that I didn’t have time to observe anyone else in the waiting room, so there are no stories I can tell you from that experience. When I went to see Dr. Risk yesterday it was slightly different. I arrived a few minutes early and had a seat in the waiting room. Also waiting was a young woman who was reading something on her smart phone, and four children under the age of seven who were sharing a smart phone. I tried to fit in by pulling out my phone and played Sudoku while I waited.

The young woman was called back about th same time as the mother of the four children came out. She was obviously expecting number five. I would guess the kids would have a new brother or sister in about two months. She gathered her brood and left while I worked on my Sudoku game.

It wasn’t too long before I was called back and placed in a dentist’s chair. As I settled in I was told that it would be around ten minutes before Dr. Risk could see me, and I was asked if I would like something to read. I said the newspaper would be fine, so they brought it to me. Evidently the person who had read it before me had waited longer than I had, because the crossword puzzle was completed.

I started reading an article on gun control (what else?) which was continued from page one to th entire last page of that section of the newspaper. I had just about finished the article when Dr. Risk arrived. I lay the paper in my lap, but he glanced at it and said, “What’s that all about?” I said it was about assault rifles and high-capacity clips. He proceeded to give me his point of view on the matters. Since I agreed with about everything he said, I found myself nodding my head. I shouldn’t have used that minimal encourager because he continued on while he worked on my dental appliance. He finished his work, and I was ready to leave, but he had more to say. Twice while I sat there, his assistants came to tell him that other patients were ready for his attention, yet he continued on. I was afraid that someone’s anaesthetic would wear off before he got to them, but he continued talking for a spell longer. Finally he finished, and I was released.

Some visits are more interesting than others.