Day 350

Glad my mood isn't as gloomy
Glad my mood isn’t as gloomy

It has been spitting rain most of the day, but I’m not letting it get me down. According to the weather app on my smart phone, it is now freezing rain. I’m glad I don’t have to go out any more today.


I’m about half way through moving all of the furniture in the living room, and decided to do today’s post while I take a break. You may think that moving the furniture would be easy, and normally I would agree with that assessment, but the living room is our music room where the best stereo equipment and most of our cd’s are located. Well, the piece of furniture where the stereo equipment rests has been moved, and I’ve hooked up the equipment, but I gave myself another task that could have waited…but I didn’t wait. I decided to move all of my jazz cd’s and rock cd’s to the living room, and to move pretty much everything else upstairs to our office. The jazz and rock have been moved and arranged alphabetically within their genre, but I haven’t started transporting the folk, blues, pop, etc. upstairs yet. I’ll finish moving furniture before I carry any more cd’s.


 My phantom toe came back for a visit yesterday. I hadn’t felt it for a few months, nor had I missed it. The unreal toe was telling me that my shoe was too tight; too short to be exact. I don’t know why the ghost toe felt that way, because all of my real toes, on both feet, felt that the shoes were fitting perfectly. Still, I gave in to the unseen visiting toe and took off my shoes. After a few minutes the phantom toe went back to wherever it goes when it isn’t haunting me. I hope it stays away for a long time, because it is never cheerful; always complaining.