Day 349

The Stockwell Market
The Stockwell Market

It felt like spring when I went out this morning. Since I had gas in the car I drove down to Stockwell looking for a photo. I chose this one from five or six good pictures that I took this morning. I should put together a gallery of my second choice shots at some point.


I just finished watching the IU/Minnesota game. IU dominated the first half, and Minnesota came on very strong in the second half. It was an exciting game. After the first five minutes I never felt like IU would lose, but there were some anxious moments at the end of the game. The next two months are going to be filled with excitement.

Of course it wouldn’t be an IU home game without the mandatory shot of Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp sitting together at the game. Ms. Ryan looks as if she has had one too many cosmetic surgeries, but maybe it is her makeup and the TV camera. She is still very pretty.


Following up on my comment about auto correct the other day: This morning I went to a Spanish to English translator on my smart phone (smart, HA!) and typed in ‘Buenos,’ as in Buenos Aires. The phone thought it was doing me a favor and changed ‘Buenos’ to ‘Hyenas’. Once again I ask, “Who programmed the auto correct?”


This past summer and autumn the majority of the finches that have come to out feeder were gold finches. Lately, however, we have been seeing more house finches. The males have the distinctive red hue on the their head and breast. I was watching them this morning,and while there would be two or three finches on the feeder, there would be at least two mourning doves on the ground below getting the cast-offs. (I couldn’t decide if I should put the word “picking,’ or ‘pecking.”) Watching the birds is a relaxing event.

One thought on “Day 349

  1. I love finches and have them every year, but it seems like they haven’t come back his winter like they always do. Didn’t know the little birds with red were finches. I learned something new – great post today!!

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